The Miniature Goats...

At North Oak Park we have decided to only have 5 girls. Two being registered Australian Minis and three being Pygmies (56%). Whilst it was a very difficult decision to stick with only 5 seeing as they are sooo cute, we felt that with only small numbers it allows us to give each one the time they deserve and therefore will also ensure that when we do breed, we have time to make sure the kids are well handled, loving and playful before they go to their new owners.

We are very lucky to have these 5 gorgeous girls, with Evie being our absolute favourite not just of ours but of many guests we have stay here in The Lodge. She is becoming a little bit of a celebrity with guests asking to meet her! She is one of a kind and most weekends when we are out working on the farm she is out with us and the dogs. she comes when called and follows us where ever we go. Although sometimes she has to be put on a lead when we go for a walk around the farm as she tends to try and eat all of the new plants we are trying to grow!!!

We will be breeding soon but these girls are still young and we like to make sure they are properly grown and matured before we do so. Please contact us on our future breeding plans.