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Jessie Brodie  Callie and Tillie
(the fantastic 4)

Jessie & Brodie, the resident Border Collie's have been our meet and greet team for the past couple of years but recently they have been joined by Callie (aka Callista or hurricane Callie). She is our third Border Collie and came to us as a sweet little girl so was immediately nicknamed honeypot BUT within a few days of finding her feet, nothing was holding her back! There are far too many exciting things to explore on the farm to distract her from coming when called but she is getting better as she gets older. She runs everywhere exploring anything and everything she can. She definitely lives life to the full. And then there is our little Tillie, AKA Teeny Tiny...Tillie was the smallest of Jessie and Brodies recent and only litter of pups. She was born the same size but just got pushed out of the feed frenzy so as her brothers and sister grew she stayed small so I would have to hand feed her each day with a plastic 5ml pipette and also put her with Jessie alone to get mummies milk too so it really took up most of my day feeding her, then training the other 7 puppies before they went to their new families, so when the time came to part with them, Teeny Tiny Tillie happened to just stay with me 😉

They all love nothing more than meeting new guests when they arrive to stay at The Lodge. It's quite a noisy exciting time though with lots of running and barking and other typical Border Collie noises.

They quite like their chicken pals, but NOT the geese or guinea fowl as they are a bit scary!

They love playing soccer,  swimming in the dam, and will play fetch for hours and hours if you are willing. Brodie especially likes a plastic plant pot due to him being a puppy when most of our new trees were being planted hence they were everywhere! They also love doing a lap of the farm to check up on everyone in the paddocks and to make sure everyone is where they should be and if not they do a great job a round thing p and bring them back (well Callie is still learning)

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