The Dexters...

Dexter cattle are a breed that originated from the luscious green hills of Ireland. The smallest of the European cattle breeds, they are about half the size of a traditional Hereford and about one third the size of a Friesian (Holstein) milking cow making them ideal for small land holders and hobby farmers or those new to farming that want a low maintenance cow/herd. Their small size and calm nature makes them easier to handle, more gentle on the fences and more cost effective when it comes to feeding. We came across the Dexter while looking for a small breed of cattle that would be best suited to the harsh Australian climate, that would be light on the land and fences, be feed efficient but also be good as pets for hobby farmers, for milking cows and also for beef. This search lead us to our original purchase being, Tex the bull, Lady Lile and Nyssa. In more recent times we were very lucky to find 2 more girls both with calves at foot, hence Jade and Tiarna with their calves Guiness and Muscato joined us. We will soon be able to offer Dexter calves for sale either registered or commercial. Please contact us for more information.

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