The Sheep...


Here at North Oak Park, we have a couple of different sheep breeds. We have Wiltipoll, a couple of Aussie Whitegirls, and a couple of Dorpers. These 3 breeds are excellent for the reasons below:

  •  Full wool-shedding

  •  High fertility and ease of lambing

  •  Suited to wet and dry conditions

  •  Excellent temperament and easy on fences 

  •  Ideal for organic lamb production

We do sell a few lambs or sheep here and there if our

flock becomes too big or to avoid breeding too close to our resident Wiltipoll ram Winston

We will have small numbers of pure Wiltipoll lambs available soon. We will also have Wiltipoll x Aussie Whites, Wiltipoll x Dorper and Wiltipoll x Poll Dorset lambs.

Please contact us for availability.