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The Toulouse Geese...

The Toulouse is a breed of domesticated goose originating near Toulouse, France.  It is a large bird, with a weight of up to 12 kg for the ganders and up to 9kg for geese. They are known for their regal appearance and stunning feathers. The original grey-coloured breed is a very old one and the name has been recorded back as far as 1555. This breed of goose has a placid disposition which means that it does not generally thrive in mixed flocks, especially with more active or aggressive birds. Any increase in stress can result in a reduction in mating and feeding. The Toulouse goose generally stays close to home and does not wander, which makes them an ideal choice for a large garden or orchard. Philippe and Antoinette joined our farm at Christmas 2019 and settled in well. They love a routine and are non-aggressive, living peacefully with the chickens and guinea fowl. They follow us around the property while we are gardening, wait at the door for their breakfast and are always happy to see us. They are an absolute pleasure to have around, not to mention they look stunning swimming around on the dam.

family day out 15 sept 2020
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